We put the 'Ass' in 'Class' (647) 762-4524

Established since 2012, Top Drawer Ladies has become one of the top companionship agencies in Toronto. We represent some of the finest companions from all over the world presented to you via one of the most detailed innovative companionship services in the world.

At Top Drawer Ladies, we’re very passionate about what we do, and it shows. Our phone (647-762-4524)/text (647-794-2890) lines are monitored from 9am to Midnight for immediate inquiries and you can email us 24 hours in advance or more for customized or longer term appointments at topdrawerbookings@gmail.com where you will reach Sexy Sadie, our Personal Fantasy Coordinator.

Unlike most other agencies that update their site weekly, you’ll find our website is updated at least twice daily to give you the most current information in just a few clicks. We immediately update our weekly schedule with any changes submitted by our companions with their locations specified by intersection and not by the city. We also constantly update our Companions page so that the most currently available companions are at the top and those not available this week are at the bottom.

You’ll find our Companion’s profile page to be the most detailed in the industry not only providing her stats and photos, but also important details about her companionship and availability, links to her personal Twitter if available, her gift wish list, her rates, and unsolicited reviews submitted by her clients.

The level of detail greatly appeals to our business and professional clients who are looking to book quality time with quality companions within their busy schedules and feel confident they successfully meet their needs when their need “arises” :-)

Some other things to consider:
You can also find news, announcements, candid photos, and more regularly posted on our Twitter site (https://twitter.com/topdrawerladies)

If your needs are more complex or require a personal touch such as more than one companion, multiple hours, or an evening on the town, we have the most comprehensive Fantasy selection (http://topdrawerladies.com/custom) in the industry and can assign you a Personal Fantasy Coordinator to collect your requirements and make the necessary arrangements for you and your requested companion(s). Limo services and even tickets can be arranged.

We are the only agency to offer 40, 75, and 100 minute appointment options on top of the normal half-hour, hour, 2 hours, etc.

We run a very ethical operation and do not consider the Companions our staff. They are the talent and we coordinate their affairs. They can set their own schedules, rates, and as evident from our low turnover rates and long tenures, they are very happy to work with us. Clients can feel confident they are supporting a good environment.

Thank you for your time and consideration and we hope to book with you very soon.