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Top Drawer Ladies is owned and operated by a male and female business duo.  These two owners realized one day that if they combined their skill sets and used the resources they had available to them, they could build a well respected companionship agency in Toronto.  That agency is called Top Drawer Ladies.  The objective is to create an agency that will operate in a balanced manner.  The environment and approach is to be positive for both the companions, and the clients.  The marketing should be accurate and reflective of a worker as a companion.  We will always provide well-appointed, discreet luxurious incall locations and ensure all client commitments are provided on time.  

Top Drawer Ladies recognizes that there are many clients looking for specific fantasies and fetishes.  We provide a very open approach to special requests, and can even assign a Personal Fantasy Coordinator to work with you to design and have delivered the most vivid re-creation of your fantasy.  You can be as detailed as you like knowing our coordinator has years of experience in the fetish world and can coordinate one or more of our models to deliver it.

Top Drawer Ladies also ensures the models we hire understand the art of companionship.  To recognize that, we have designed our rate structure to benefit multi-hour bookings as well as the multi-hour bookings that include dinner.  We are confident our models can provide high-quality companionship allowing clients to enjoy their time together from start to finish.

When clients arrive at an incall, they will find everything from clean towels, toiletries, and a clean shower as part of a quality environment to experience their fantasies.  Discreet luxurious locations will be the highest priority.  Our outcall services will also strive to deliver commitments on time and mindful of the need for privacy.

The models are managed by a highly successful courtesan who believes in providing an environment that promotes safety and integrity.  Her goal is to provide a positive environment where all aspects of the service provided by the models will be as fully supported as possible so they can focus all of their attention and efforts to the client.

We believe these principles to be key components in providing a quality companionship service and we look forward to the opportunity to confirming our concept with many return visits.  If you’d like to contact us, please call 1(647) 762-4524 or email us at topdrawerbookings@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.