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Naughty Natalia, this slim brunette has enough moxy to keep you occupied for hours. Follow her fair complexion up, down and around her tight body. Naturally, you’ll want to stop and stare. It’s only polite to appreciate the soft curves Natalia brings to the table, countertop or on top of the dishwasher (see photos).

With that east coast genteel nature, Natalia will make you feel at ease instantly. Ever the versatile hostess, this Top Drawer Lady has been known to switch from GFE to PFE in the blink of an eye. A soft sensuality quietly sits underneath her wild mentality. Which do you prefer come out to play?

Pick a language, this beautiful woman speaks suggestively in several tongues… Book now or forever have no peace.

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Outcalls: Yes
Couples: Yes
Tattoos & Piercings: navel pierced
Shower Available: Yes
Allergies: Cherries
Disability-Friendly: Yes
Available to travel:Yes

Coffee/Tea: Triple triple coffee
Candies/Chocolate: Toffiffee & Dark chocolate with toffee
Gift Certificate Store: Surprise me!
Shoe Size: 7
Top Size: Medium
Pant/Skirt Size: 5
Wine/Drink: Malbec & Disaronno
Lingerie Items: Surprise me!
Designer: Alexander McQueen
Charity: MS Society & Diabetes Foundation

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    English, French, Some German

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    WED. MAR. 21, 11AM TO 5PM @DIXON & HWY. 27


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Added on April 8, 2017

Met Natalia last Saturday, all I can say is, that session was really amazing and unforgettable. Her body is super sexy, smooth skin, big boobs, round butt, but not chubby! She knows how to make you relax and please you. As to the main dish, it may be the most excellent experience I ever had. She definitely deserves all these compliments! I cannot wait to see her again!

Added on April 6, 2017

She is sweet, nice and sexy. Great experience

Added on January 21, 2017

Oh my...just spent an hour with her...all I can say is amazing

Added on June 15, 2016

To spend time with Natalia is to love Natalia! So fun!!

Added on May 30, 2016

She is probably the best sp TDL ever had. The way she greets you from the door. Feels like you just met your gf after a long time. And both of you are intimidated for sexual pleasure. I wish i could just make her my wife.

Added on April 4, 2016

Saw Natalia for the second time. Again my session with her was amazing. She opened the door in this crazy hot outfit. I didn't know what to think. I was in a daze. She's definitely one of the best sp I've ever had.

Added on April 2, 2016

WoW wow wow. What a great experience! I'm still speechless!

Added on March 28, 2016

I couldn't wait to see this east coast beauty again. Reading though all of her reviews here, I know she's a wonder and probably the best GFE/PSE on the TDL roster at the moment. Date night is definitely in the works, maybe an overnighter. What a dream that would be to wake up to this beauty and have "breakfast in bed".

Added on February 29, 2016

Firstly, my apologies for replacing my ATF with this beauty. Simply gorgeous and passionate and dirty and naughty. Trips to greece are welcomed and accommodated generously. Simply the best on the TDL roster, bar none.

Added on January 27, 2016

I was taken back by the experience I had with Natalia. This east coast cutie has a great naughty way about her. I had an amazing time. Definitely one the of the best sp I ever had. A repeat would be pretty dangerous. This chick is crazy good.

Added on December 23, 2015

Natalia is a wonder, truly spectacular, had a great time with her. After we parted ways, my thoughts were, I need to see her again for a longer time. Truly a marvel and can't wait till she is back.

Added on December 19, 2015

When I left my first tryst with Natalia my first thought was: “When can I see her again?” As soon as Liz posts the schedule, I hope to book a much longer session ASAP. Natalia has an easy east-coast charm combined with an Italian sensuality. Physically she is flawless: pretty face, gorgeous long black hair, tight & toned figure, awesome butt, and very responsive large breasts. Although, what makes Natalia really special is how much she was into our session. I asked Liz why can’t I meet anyone remotely like Natalia in “real” life. Madeline and Natalia are in the same league in terms of a true girlfriend experience. A duo with both of these ladies would require a defibrillator. I am so looking forward to seeing Natalia again before she flies away.

Added on November 29, 2015

She knows how to please. Arguably one of the sexiest escorts in Toronto. 10 out of 10.

Added on November 24, 2015

Incredible girl, sexy and talented. Gave me one of the best experiences Ive had in a while. Would definetly recommend

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