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Call only: 647-762-4524
Text only: 647-794-2890
Email: Special Requests or fantasies use: topdrawerbookings@gmail.com
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Hellooo Helen, a real woman in every sense of the word. This natural beauty will leave you grinning from ear to ear. She has velvety soft skin and long silky blonde hair. Not only lovely to look at but also lovely to hold.

Just as fun to touch as she is to talk to. This Top Drawer Lady is quite the conversationalist. Incredibly likable, time will fly in her presence. It’s best to book more time with Helen. That way you can enjoy all that she has to offer you.

An expert at what she does, Helen is our best kept secret. So what is she so good at? Perhaps you should book and find out. This classified information is best experienced in person.

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Outcalls: No
Couples: No
Allergies: None
Tattoos & Piercings: None
Shower Available: TBD
Disability-Friendly: Yes
Available to travel: Yes

Coffee/Tea: Tim Hortons (2 milk, 2 sugar)
Candies/Chocolate: Lindt red
Gift Certificate Store: Cadillac Fairview
Shoe Size: 6.5
Top Size: Medium
Pant/Skirt Size: 7 (Size 30)
Wine/Drink: California white
Lingerie Items: Anything
Designer: Michael Kors (accessories and shoes)
Charity:Planned Canada

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    Dirty Blonde

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    WED. MAR. 21, 12PM TO 4PM @DIXON & HWY. 27


30 Minutes (starts between Noon and 8pm)
30 Min Morning Glory/Naughty Nightcap Special (starts b4 Noon or after 8pm)
40 Minutes (starts between Noon and 8pm)
40 Min Morning Glory/Naughty Nightcap Special (starts b4 Noon or after 8pm)
1 Hour
75 Minutes
100 Minutes
2 Hours
3 Hours
More than 3 hours
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Added on January 7, 2017

Oh boy. What a girl Helen is. I had time of my life. If you are a boob lover, your search ends at Helen. Besides having a great body and gigantic tits, she has the best attitude in the industry. She is very friendly and will do everything to give you best time of your life. When I called TDL to make the booking, the time she was available was very tight for me to get there in time but I am so glad I made it otherwise I would have missed an unforgettable experience. I was in two minds whether to write a review or not. Writing would mean more people will book her and harder for me to get time with her but not writing will be total injustice to her. I will definitely see her again and again and can't wait to see her next.

Added on December 1, 2016

she give me A++++ she does what even you ask her to do it as long as it put smile on your face she know how to keep you happy great service

Added on October 17, 2016

I have been trying for Helen's company for quite some time. This was worth the wait. Pretty amazing when those huge natural breasts came within eyesight. Helen is creative and knows what dudes like. The only downside was when I had to leave and watched her put those globes away for good. Thank you Helen for reminding me that you were worth waiting for.

Added on June 4, 2016

Very attractive girl, she is sweet and makes you feel comfortable. Shes likes to tease and be teased, which I enjoyed. Her breasts are amazing and can make things disappear. Takes her time, asks what you enjoy and likes what she does. If you reciprocate then you are in for a lovely time. Looking forward to seeing her again after her vacation.

Added on April 17, 2016

From the moment I walked in the door, Helen was a knockout. Beautiful smile that put me at ease and a wonderful personality. When we got more intimate and she undressed I was completely knocked back by how amazingly fantastic her boobs are. So firm and fun to play with that I could spend an hour just focusing on those. Her slow tease with her fingers and wonderfully sensual moves drove me crazy. I think I'm hooked cause I want to see her again and again.

Added on December 13, 2015

Let me start by saying how I was caught off guard by how pretty this girl is when she opened the door. I wasn't expecting it but she is a real beauty. The best boobs I have ever seen. They are real and they are incredible. Helen is very personable, sweet and very smart. You can tell she is a smart girl after a couple minutes talking to her. I felt so comfortable like I had known her for years. The best part is that is she will blow your mind. She enjoys her work and is very good at it. I can't wait to see her again.

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